Tied to an Audience with a Typewriter Ribbon (?) *reading* *speaking* *listening* *scoring* *scripting* *sounding* *staging* *restaging* *performing* *reading* *speaking* *listening* *scoring* *scripting* *sounding* *staging* *restaging* *performing* *reading* *speaking* *listening* *scoring* *scripting* *sounding* *staging* *restaging* *performing* *reading* *speaking* *listening* *scoring* *scripting* *sounding* *staging* *restaging* *performing*

Tied to an Audience with a Typewriter Ribbon began as an experimental lecture class developed and run by Andrew Walsh-Lister during the Fall 2019 semester at Virginia Commonwealth University (as part of a two year position as Designer-in-Residence). The class sought to ‘interrogate the lecture as a much maligned but enduring pedagogical platform that exists at the confluence of oral and written forms, and (re)consider it in relation to design practice and forms of distribution, exchange and transmission.’ As part of a schedule of lectures, screenings, readings, workshops and lecture-performances, the class incorporated a lineup of guest talks and contributions from Nicole Bachmann of ⊹Performance as Publishing⊹; Simone Cutrí, Emma Gregoline and Rosa McElheny of ⊹Today a Reader⊹; Alexandru Balgiu of ⊹Designing Writing⊹; Sara Bouchard; and Nat Pyper (an archived Fall 2019 class site / syllabus can be found ⊹here⊹). This website is auto generated from an ⊹Are.na channel⊹, and in its current form accumulates an ongoing collection of resources, references, readings and listenings expanding / extending from the original lecture class.

Special thanks to: Aidan Quinlan (⊹for web development⊹); Sohyun Kim (⊹for line / score drawings after Dick Higgins, Merce Cunningham and Yvonne Rainer, and for practicum research assistance⊹); Isabelle Scheerer (⊹for practicum research assistance⊹); guest speakers / contributors; the VCU Graphic Design department; and all participants in the Fall 2019 class.

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